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Name:Mitchell Skylar Palmer
Birthdate:Jan 13
Location:New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Mitchell Skylar Palmer (nee Marcus) was raised to be a bit of a hippy from a very young age. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, he is one of six children born to pacifist and anti-war activist parents, Carl and Anna Marcus, who were every bit hippies in their own right during the Vietnam conflict, which they both passionately opposed. Mitchell is an identicaltwin to brother, Spencer, but they were different from the get-go. Mitchell was always a peaceful guy, just sort of breezing through things without caring too much about them, whereas Spencer was a loud, rowdy extrovert who wanted to grow up and be a rockstar. Their slightly older brother, Benjamin (or just Ben, as he preferred), was the one who went against their parents' cause and wanted to join the military from a very young age... much to their parents' horror. It would be their parents' beliefs that would ultimately come to be a massive risk for Mitchell and what would lie in his future for his family.

After the Ben and the twins, three sisters for them followed, and Ben was the only one who had any interest in the military. Their parents and sisters hated war and conflict, but Mitch and Spencer was more just a fence-sitters. Spencer, because he pretty much didn't car either way, and Mitch, because didn't like conflict in general. He hated the idea of his brother going away to war, but at the same time, he wasn't the sort of guy to jump in the way of anyone's ambitions, which was ironic considering it took him a long time to gain any momentum in his own ambition for life. He breezed through school, getting adequate grades, never really enjoying sport, and just did what he had to do. He definitely had the peace, love and freedom frame of mind, that probably did infuriate Ben occasionally because Mitch's casual wander through life could easily be mistaken for blasé laziness. In reality, very little bothered him and he was content in his life. He was happy to let Spencer be the gregarious one.

The biggest impact on his life came when he lucked out meeting the love of his life in high school. Guy Palmer was at a family barbecue the summer before Mitch and Spencer were due to start high school, being neighbours of Ben's best friend, Brendan Parsons and his brother, Zachary. They just clicked and chatted for hours that night, which included the discovery they were going to the same high school and a confession from Mitch that he thought he was more into guys than girls, which Guy reciprocated. The night came to a peak during the fireworks when they were back down behind the garage making out and then swapped numbers. For the rest of the summer, they sent texts and emails constantly, also hanging out whenever they got the chance. Despite the fact Guy had a clearly effeminate demeanour, he was scared to 'come out of the closet' like Mitch managed to do in high school. Guy wanted to move away, to New York City, where he could be himself with aspirations of becoming a professional photographer. Without any distinct ambitions himself by the time they graduated high school, now officially dating and very much in love, Mitch chose to go with Guy to New York City when Spencer joined a band who were talking about touring, and Ben went off to enlist in the Airforce. Mitch gave a last-ditch attempt to talk Ben out of enlisting, but his brother was determined and Mitch didn't push the matter.

With Guy powering on with his studies in Fine Arts Photography, they shared a little New York studio apartment and fell right into their new life together. Ultimately, after taking a job as a Florist Assistant, he found a genuine love for the industry and his boss sponsored him to do a course to qualify as a Florist himself. He was over the moon, but just as he was nearing the end of his course, things took a turn for the worst. Mitch just disappeared without a trace, not taking any of his belongings or cell phone, and within two weeks, he was declared an official Missing Person. A month later, the police dared to throw around the label of 'presumed dead' and his family, along with Guy (but sans Ben, who was deployed to Afghanistan) held a memorial service for him back in Austin. Spencer didn't attend. With Mitch going missing, Spencer went completely off the rails, hitting drugs and booze hard. When he got to the point of no return and was stealing off their parents and threatening violence, they had to cut him off. No one ever saw or hear from Spencer again.

- PSL -


"'Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream would never do."

~ I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing, Aerosmith.

With their father as mayor of their home town, and never quiet on his anti-war beliefs, it was what led to Mitch being abruptly kidnapped walking home from work one evening in New York. He was kidnapped by a pro-war activist group who intended to use Mitch to silence Carl Marcus from his political pacifist views. He was repeatedly drugged initially and had no idea where he was, let alone what was going on. He was kept in a cabin on a large farm - a commune - and drugged into submission, then began to have the beliefs of the activist group drilled into him like it was their own religion. He only tried to fight it for all of a few days, but when they kept drugging him every time he did, his protests never gained momentum. As a result, he developed Stockholm Syndrome, and became part of them for four years, being told that to protect his family, his twin, Guy, and his brother over at war, he had to conform and they would be assured their safety. He had it etched into his mind that he was some sort of pariah, sacrificing himself to ensure his family were safe and well and was none the wiser for the duration of his capture.

It was only when Mayor Marcus back in Texas got a death threat for his son that the FBI stepped in, the case being re-opened and believed to be a kidnapping. The case was in the hands of Special Agents James Fraser and Kate Bryant, who managed to trace it back to the Texan mayor and the anti-war versus the pro-war activists. They even went undercover in Louisiana, where the commune was, and it was there they found Mitch and realised that he had not only been brainwashed, but also suffering the debilitation of free-thought with the Stockholm Syndrome, believing his captors to be taking care of him and his family. It was a tricky operation, but thanks to the skill of the two undercover Special Agents, they were able to get Mitch out safely, and with the help of other government departments involved, took the whole commune down and at least, for now, that chapter of the activist group. However, unlike they feared, Spencer wasn't being held with him.

Since then, Mitch has been in a psychiatric rehabilitation facility in New York getting counselling and help for the ordeal he suffered. It has been six months since he was removed from the commune and intense psychoanalysis and psychotherapy had him recovering from the brainwashing to remember who he was, and everything he left behind... and Guy was the one he needed to see first. He had no idea that, during his absence, the shit hit the proverbial fan with Ben in Afghanistan with Brendan being killed on the frontline. He was also to discover that his family believed Spencer to have simply died somewhere of an overdose and the news never reached the family. It was all going to have to wait, because all Mitch wanted - and desperately needed - was to reunite with the love of his life, with an inner terror that Guy had moved on and forgotten about him, or even fallen in love with someone else.

But when he turned up on Guy's doorstep out of the blue, he discovered Guy was very much single and after they ended up making love right there and then to just try to re-ignite the connection between then, it was only a few days before Guy spontaneously proposed to Mitch, to try to put right what they lost in the six missing years. Mitch said yes, and they married on the ten year anniversary of when they first began to date. It was Guy who was there for Mitch when his family finally told him about Spencer, and he went into a decline grieving over his twin.

Mitchell is an Original Character created for PSL/musebox, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork.

This is an roleplay and muse journal for character Mitchell Marcus, an original character written for [community profile] dreamlikenewyork PSL/musebox. For RP and muse purposes only. PB is Xavier Samuel, who belongs to himself.

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